Cannabis Resource Center

Cannabis Resource Center – Portland

Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

Beginning Gardening, Advanced Gardening, Making Medical Grade Hashish, Understanding Oregon’s New Medical Marijuana Law, Administering Medical Marijuana Safely.

Our staff educates each patient about the specifics of their state’s medical marijuana law, and about alternatives to smoking marijuana, such as vaporization and eating foods cooked with marijuana. We help patients locate resources to obtain medical marijuana, information and resources about growing their own and obtaining seeds or starter plants for a patient’s garden.

Classes are $20.00 each or take all seven for only $70.00. For more information on class times, call (503)235-2606.


Beginning/Intermediate Gardening. Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

This workshop covers the basics of growing your own medical marijuana. You will learn how to grow using a variety of systems and mediums. This class will cover genetics, planting indoors, light requirements, ventilation, temperature, odors and negative ions, CO2, oxygen, growing in soil, plant food and nutrients, worm castings, guano, vegan growing and organics, PH and fertilizers, foliar feeding, vegetable growth, flowering, transplanting, early sexing, harvesting and drying, curing, seed and bud storage, pests, safety and privacy issues.


Advanced Gardening. Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

In this workshop you will learn advanced growing techniques. We will go more in-depth on many of the subjects covered in the beginning class. We will be covering hydroponics, (including basic introduction to organic hydroponics), water quality, plant food and nutrients, CO2/temperature/humidity control, regeneration, pruning/bending/trellising techniques, and a demonstration on cloning and making cuttings. This class picks up where the beginning class ends.


Outdoor Gardening. Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

In this new class you will learn how to grow medical marijuana outdoors. This workshop will cover the following subjects; choosing a location, preparing the soil, starting seeds, identifying viable seeds and sprouting, early growth and sexing, planting, vegetative growth, pruning, flowering, water, over fertilizers, animals and insects, growing in a greenhouse, year round gardening, harvesting and drying.


Making medical grade hashish. Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

This hands-on workshop covers a variety of techniques for producing high quality medical grade hash products from cannabis ‘waste products’ and leaf. You will learn how to make ice/water/bubble hash, dry sieving techniques, and how to build your own screens for catching resin. This class is a must for all medical marijuana patients.


Understanding Oregon’s medical marijuana law. Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

This class provides cardholders and others with a working knowledge of the requirements under Oregon’s new medical marijuana law (OMMA) and how to stay legal. In this class you will learn about plant and possession limits, caregivers, Persons Responsible for a Marijuana Grow Site (PRMGS), cooperative patient gardens, how to reimburse for expenses and supplies, and discussion of current proposed new legislation including possible dispensaries. You will also learn about patient/caregiver/PRMGS relationships and we will examine sample contracts and agreements. This class is a must for any cardholder wanting to understand and comply with Oregon’s complicated medical marijuana law.


Administering medical marijuana safely. Requirements: Valid OMMA card or WA permit.

This class covers alternatives to smoking cannabis including safer smoking techniques, vaporizing, baked goods and eating cannabis, making tinctures and other liquid extractions and many other techniques for using cannabis medically. We will also examine the many diverse medical marijuana products available today.